Fri, June 25
Airs 6-7pm


brOWN//out is a mixtape of adventures. Rushing from waters, mountains and plains of homeland(s) through the diaspora and back. Over and over again. brOWN//out is a community space for south asian queer and trans artists: singers, poets, dancers, drag and burlesque artists, musicians and more.

The term "south asian" is used strategically: there is no way to adequately represent all the complexities of having identities connected to "South Asia," which can include diasporic, Nepali, NRI, Tamil, Indo-Caribbean, Oriya-speaking, brown, Fijian, Maldivian, mixed-race, Pakistani,  and more.
The inadequateness of the term means that many “South Asian” community spaces have perpetuated the harm of exclusion, in particular of Black South Asian folks. The work of disrupting anti-Blackness of “South Asian” spaces is crucial and necessary. brOWN//out can be, and needs to be, a place for this disruption.

Curated by:
Anu Radha Verma

Closed Captioning will be available for this event.
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