Sat, June 26
Airs 5:30-6:30pm

Bathhouse and
Body Works

Closed Captioning will be available for this event.

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Come jump in our dirty pool full of alternative drag and queer performers, from horrifying monstrousness, transgressive sleaziness, individuals that vibrate at 180 genders per minute, drag creatures from the outer space, and clowns!

This year has brought carnage and distance. Alternaqueer shivers in anticipation of safely inhaling your respiratory droplets in person. But all we have is the virtual present. So, we'll make due with quite the fever dream of some of the filthiest human beings on this planet, performing some of the most tantalizing, smutty, and sometimes strangely meaningful acts Toronto has to offer. From the wreckage upon our community, a bunch of degenerates will emerge from the underground hidey-holes, like oozy ghosts, for this hour-long rapid-fire showcase of performers, with little time to catch your breath or question what you just saw.

Get weird, get queer, get mad!  

Curated by: Adam Cowan

Seyoncé - @seyonceknows
Bom Bae - @bom.bae
Alexandher Brandy - @axbrandy
Anne Alien - @justannealien
Pickles LaVey -@pickles.lavey
Yovska - @yovska
xLq - @xlqpopart
Manny Dingo - @princemannydingo
Lallafral - @lallafral
Folie À Deux - @wearefolieadeuxx
Selena Vyle - @selenavyle
Blue Wild Rye - @blue.wild.rye

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